Asset & Portfolio Management

We are able to draw on extensive market knowledge enabling us to provide bespoke property and asset management advice to our clients.

Through proactive property management we aim to maximise the value of commercial property assets for our clients.

We also advise on the myriad of statutory obligations affecting all occupiers including, Fire Legislation, Asbestos Regulations and occupiers liabilities.

Our role is varied, depending on the scale of the asset, we offer clients the following services:

The Client

Acting on behalf of the client, we would:

  • Understand the building owner’s investment criteria and aspirations to align them with a bespoke business plan, over the medium to long term
  • Provide a tenant audit for opportunities to retain or seek new viable occupiers.
  • Identify improvements and value enhancement opportunities for the building such as rent reviews, surrender and re-grant of leases, lease renewals and refurbishment works
  • Formulate proposals to improve the asset’s performance and advise on any capital expenditure
  • Implement the agreed improvements and opportunities
  • Work as the managing agents to run the building effectively
  • Regular reviews of the value implications of major decisions, which may also affect the building’s investment liquidity.

Advise on refurbishments & repositioning:

  • Work up the business case for the refurbishment/building re-positioning
  • Instruct on dilapidations to reclaim monies from existing tenants (if applicable)
  • Appoint leasing agents on any vacant space
  • Create & implement the marketing campaign of the vacant accommodation
  • Recommend suitable leasing transactions

Advise on new acquisitions & development opportunities:

  • Create an acquisitions business plan and individual asset appraisals to assist in fulfilling portfolio growth goals
  • Assist with the purchase of new property
  • Work with stakeholders to provide development consultancy advice to identify opportunities to redevelop
  • Assemble the best-in-class professional team including architects, cost consultants, project managers, M&E consultants, planners
  • Lead team through the development process from first designs through planning to delivery.